October 25, 2013 | by NASCAR Dave
Go Daddy & Danica Patrick Get a Pass

Danica Patrick has gotten a lot of flack from fans for her various media insights, sporadic racing record, and overall skill at the wheel. For various reasons, mostly having to do with her being a woman, the media has grabbed onto her as a major presence in NASCAR.

But fans need to relax a bit on Danica Patrick. Many fans consider her a poor driver at best not deserving of the media spotlight. Her skills behind the wheel are modest at best, and certainly not world-renowned. She did not rank in the Coca Cola 500 nor did she rank at the Bojangles Southern 500. Fans are frustrated when she participated in the All Star Race not by ranking but by winning an online fan vote.

For what it is worth, this is frustrating to many fans. She did rank 5th in 2009 at the IndyCar race, and 3rd at the Toyota Atlantic Championship in 2004.

Patrick has been most popularly associated with the web hosting service Go Daddy. Being the number 1 web provider since 2006, Go Daddy has personally attached strongly to the personality of Danica Patrick (to the point where she graced the home page of the site for close to three years).

Patrick has also partnered with Tissot auto part manufacturer and Peak Antifreeze. She personally sponsors the toy manufacturer Hot Wheels, make-up company OPI, and St. Vincent Hospital. Her smaller associations with Sega the video game company, William Rast the fashion designer, Schuberth NASCAR product developer, and Nationwide Insurance has given her additional exposure in the media.

Danica Patrick sat down and talked with Bob Kravitz in a rather personal interview about gender, NASCAR fatalities, and what its like navigating such a wide media storm. Her looks and presence has attracted a lot of attention, and it is nice to see Patrick address legitimate fan outcry and her media popularity. She is rather honest and straightforward in her answers, which makes for a rather reflective interview. Pictures accompany the video.

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