October 17, 2013 | by NASCAR Dave
NASCAR’s Plan to Attract New Fans

NASCAR Chairman Bill France wants to expand the sport audience by really listening to fans. This plan called NASCAR Industry Action Plan is to help revive interest in the sport. The economy and changing consumer habits has affected NASCAR races like all sports.

By producing more digital ad and becoming more involved in social media, France hopes to attract more youth and older sports fans. With car designs, he hope to make the cars more sporty and to ramp up excitement over the races in the coming years .This is five year plan that began in 2011. The racing organization plans to spend million of dollars on this marketing plan.

Speed Channel, ESPN, & Other Cable Networks Like FOX Not Helping With Ratings

The Sprint Cup Race ratings over last few years have been lower than usual another reason why NASCAR wants to attract new fans. They have built a large media center in Charlotte and put million of dollars into revamping their website and developing mobile applications that fans can use. There is an attempt to develop video games and find ways to get drivers to appear in popular TV show and movies.

NASCAR Television En Español

Steve Phelps Chief Marketing Officer says the challenge is that younger people are not into the car hobby like the older generation. Many kids like driving the sports cars but not working on them and rebuilding them. They have a plan to market to the Hispanic segment because demographics show this groups loves cars. They launched a Spanish version of the website and designed a NASCAR Toyota Mexico Race in Phoenix to draw new fans.

Dennis Denninger who teaches sports communications at Syracuse University says that NASCAR could attract more fans if they had more African American race drivers. Beside marketing NASCAR is aiming to improve the cars and races. It has a 15,000 fan council that rates each race.

New Signage for Corporate Sponsors Like HP Computers & Lowe’s Home Improvement

NASCAR is working with an organization to improve the fan experience. This means better signs, being connected to WiFi, and increased advertising and marketing on races. They may even revamp the racing format and time.

  • Kelly Karr

    If you want a lot of fans then all you have to do is put Nascar back on free air-wave TV.

  • Kelly Karr

    Most people can’t afford the prices of cable TV or satellite TV that’s why your best bet would be to put it on free digital TV.

  • Janet Attaway

    take it off espn.

  • Dwayne Morton

    want to attract more fans or bring back old fans let them race. stop all the bullshit debris yellow flags stop changing rules points and let them race run the cars flat out ! After all isnt racing all about having the fastest car and best driver. And if you want to change something stop letting the big dollars run stuff no more teams. and bring it back to free tv

  • pissed in va….

    they took away speed where i live and now its crappie fox sports 1… all of the racing stuff that i loved to watch is gone… comcast does not offer fox sports 2 so i cant even watch the nascar programming that i used to…. about to loose a fan after this chase is over… tired of the B.S….

  • Paul Dineno

    ONe thing NASCAR could do is insist that the broadcast network (FOX or ABC) carry the telecast on the “network” channels rather than the premium cahnnels such as ESPN. Not everyone had nor can everyone afford to pay for these premium channels. Appeal to the grass-roots on TV the way they try with those that want to be at the race. Discounted tickets are good, “free” broadcasts are good too!

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